Our Solutions AD Interacciones


We connect brands with their customers by becoming your strategic partner to handle the following activities:

  • Customer Care

  • Technical Support

  • Selling and Marketing actions

  • Surveys

  • Mystery Shopper.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

  • Recruitment, Selection and Training of Contact Center HR.
  • Field Support Center, among others.



  • If you are looking for a user-friendly Contact Center Software that can centralize all your customer information and interactions, we invite you to use AD Soft.
  • AD Soft is a CRM platform that allows you to manage the communication with your customers in a very integrated and functional way, through monthly license payment per user.
  • AD Soft licenses are available when you contract one of the following Contact Center Services:


Customer Care

Technical Support

Selling and Marketing actions

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Field Support Center


  • Includes training and technical support.

Customer Experience Consulting

If you contract our Customer Care services, additionally you can buy:
  • Consulting Service to design, optimize and boost the processes required to improve their full Customer Experience.

  • We conduct a diagnosis to understand better each of the company areas impacting your customer.

  • We use different tools based on Six Sigma to identify where value is generated or should be generated for your customer.

  • AD Interacciones will be your strategic partner to improve your Customer Experience.

  • Learn more about our CAPTIVATE Package.

AD Interacciones provides Contact Center solutions, focused on digital communication channels.


We offer a combo of people talent, a software that centralize customer interactions and the Customer Experience know-how.



  • A general diagnosis of your company focused on Customer Experience.
  • Recruitment, selection and initial training of human resources required to operate a Contact Center inside your company facilities (Client is responsible for personnel hiring and Contact Center operation).



  • A general diagnosis of your company focused on Customer Experience.
  • Contact Center operation and human resources hiring by AD Interacciones:
         A.  Inside your company facilities (Inhouse)      
         B.  Outside your company facilities (Remote)
  • AD Soft licenses per user per month.


  • Consulting service to identify opportunities and improve the Customer Experience processes of your company.